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The appointment ceremony and seminar of Professor Shuicheng Yan’s successfully held

September 22

21st September 2020, the appointment ceremony of professor Shuicheng Yan’s was held in central hall. Professor Yan, CTO of Yitu Tech, academician of Singapore Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, IAPR Fellow, has become adjunct professor of BJTU. Zujun Yu, vice principal of BJTU attended the ceremony which was hosted by Bogen Cai, dean of the School of Computer and Information Technology, with the appearance of Professor Yao Zhao and more than 200 staff and students.

The graduate student of the machine learning and cognitive computing team won the CCDM2020 Best Paper Award

September 07

From August 17 to 19, 2020, the China Conference on data mining (CCDM), sponsored by China Computer Society (CCF) and China Artificial Intelligence Association (CAAI), and co-sponsored by the artificial intelligence and pattern recognition Professional Committee of Chinese computer society and machine learning professional committee of Chinese artificial intelligence society, was successfully held in Changsha. The paper "Convolutional Network Pruning Based on Feature Attribution Importance Evaluation" by Zhang Biao, a graduate student of the Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Team of the School of Computer and Information Technology (due to the guidance of Professor Jian and Professor Sang Jitao) won the Best Student Paper Award, The paper was recommended for publication in the journal "Science in China: Information Science".

Professor Runmin Cong has been nominated by Annual Xinxing Program Beijing 2020

August 06

Lately, committee of Science Technology Beijing has officially announced the list of Annual Xinxing Program Beijing 2020. After many qualification trials, professor Runmin Cong, the director of Information Science Institute, has been nominated as the third nominee of the School of Computer and Information Technology after professor Zhenfeng Zhu (2007) and professor Rongrong Ni (2008).

The successful conclusion of The Graduation Project of the Computer Science and Technology Major (China-foreign cooperative program) on Weihai Campus

July 06

With the support of all staff of Weihai Campus and the School of Computer and Information Technology, as the first cooperative program of Lancaster University College at BJTU, the graduation project of the computer science and technology came to a successful conclusion.

The Institute of Information and Communication Networks of the School of Computer Science won the IEEE ICC 2020 Best Paper Award

June 23

From June 7th to June 11th, the 54th IEEE International Conference on Communication (IEEE ICC), originally scheduled to be held in Dublin, Ireland, was held online due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The academic paper "Minimum Age-Energy Aware Cost in Wireless Powered Fog Computing Networks" completed by the Institute of Information and Communication Networks of the School of Computer Science and the State Key Laboratory of Rail Transit Control and Safety has been reviewed and recommended by the special technical committee and stood out from more than 2100 papers submitted and won the Best Paper Award (the IEEE ICC Best Paper Award was awarded 0.72%).

How to guarantee that the experimental platform for graduate courses of the School is operating stably during the Covid-19 outbreak

March 25

With all the virtual machines in the experimental platform of the college graduate course distributed and put into use, the graduate students formed a team to build one server cluster after another using the assigned virtual organization, and remotely installed the big data storage, parallel and distributed computing platform software according to the requirements of each course experiment, and carried out the Kafka-based distributed parallel data acquisition and integration experiment, parallel computing experiment, etc, the experimental platform of the postgraduate course gradually presents a busier running state than usual.

Success of the School at the 44th ICPC East Asia Regional Final

December 20

East Asia Regional final competition of the 44th International College students Program Design Competition (ICPC) was held on 15th and 16th December 2019 in Xi'an, which the School of CIT sent three teams to attend and come back with a total of one silver medal, one bronze medal and one winning prize.ICPC is the annual subject competition for college students worldwide, sponsored by the International Collegiate Programming Contest Foundation, which aims to stimulate students' interest in learning professional knowledge and skills in the field of computer, encourage students to use computer knowledge and skills actively and flexibly to solve practical problems, effectively improve the ability of algorithm design, logical reasoning, mathematical modeling, programming realization and computer system, and develop team cooperation, challenge spirit and innovation ability. The tournament began in 1970 and is now the 44th. As of 2018, more than 50000 college students from 111 countries and more than 3000 universities participate in the competition every year.

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